Pura - Close-coupled Toilet (C21214UW-P-ENG)



Full Code: C21214UW-P-ENG
· Close-coupled Toilet
· 645x380x840mm
· 3.5/5L Dual Flush
· Rough-in:P-trap 180mm
· Wash Down
· Geberit Cistern Mechanism
· UF Seat Cover

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Product Highlight

1250℃ High Temperature Firing
Vitrified by 22 hours 1250℃ high temperature firing, the ceramic body has high density and good load-bearing performance. Glaze thickness is up to 1mm and the water absorption is less than 0.3%. With strong dirt resistance, our products remains lustrous over time.

Siphonic Flushing Technology
The enlarged flushing valve ensures a powerful water pressure, maximum siphon functions, and a strong sewage disposal.

Soft-closing Technology
Soft-closing Technology realizes low noise and smooth process when closing toilet seats and covers.

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