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「Eminent Mansion」High-End Business Apartment

·Inside area: 3x9=27 square meters
·Type: 1-bath, 1-bed, 1-living room
·Suitable for:people with high incomes, work-oriented and career-focused individuals, such as urban elites
·Design concept: with the primary color scheme of the apartment being black and dark brown, the mood and tone are very calm, tasteful and bring residents a strong subconscious feeling of power. The whole apartment is finetuned to meet the tastes and working habits of businesspeople. The interconnection between the five major spaces, including porch, bathroom, sitting area, cloakroom and dining bar, has greatly enhanced the dimension and utilization of space use.

How does one create a space suited towards a business style, which is relaxed, comfortable, and can not only enable tenants to enjoy a comfortable life, but can also satisfy their work-related needs at any time? With a sci-fi style porch, a spacious storage area, an interspersed implementation of yellow color as well as simple and smooth design of the space are all quintessential of the new generation of single business apartments.

Feature 1: innovative integration of bathroom and porch

Feature2: senses of vision, hearing and smell in sleeping area

In the sleeping area, the aromatherapy, music and projection features and designed to fully relax businesspeople and ensure they can enjoy high-quality sleep or leisure in a peaceful environment. With the cloakroom at the bedside, when tenants wake up, they can conveniently find whatever they wish to wear that day right at their side.

Feature 3: compact rest area and dining bar

Based on the contemporary fast-paced lifestyles of businesspeople, the rest area is not equipped with a sofa, but a rest chair in order to let them quickly return to working when needed. Considering the needs of meal preparation in business apartments, we simplified the kitchen and replaced it with hidden dining bar and wine cabinets to allow for drinking while enjoying dinner.