Bachelor Pad

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Single Apartment

·Inside area: 3x9=27 square meters
·Type: 1-bed, 1-bath, 1-living room
·Suitable for: single and young people, prefer personalized design and large capacity storage.
·Design concept: the door panel, back panel, external and structural components are removed in accordance with its fine structural design. Multiple decorations, such as basketball baskets, are well designed for the individual tastes of young people. We aim to greatly lower the cost by reducing the usage of substrate while ensuring its high quality, stable structure as well as various features.

Since finishing a day’s work can take a lot out of young people today, ordering take-out for dinner, watching a movie at night or playing a game to end the day have become part of their daily routines. That is also the intention of our single apartment design - we place a premium on high-quality sleep, leisure and entertainment while reducing bathroom and kitchen space.

Bravat strives to achieve a compact, yet enjoyable bathroom experience with an assembled bathroom space in this 27-square-meter model apartment. That’s why we highly integrate all utensils needed for washing, toilet and showering.

Feature 1: Highly Integrated Bathroom

With an area of 3.02 square meters, all equipment relevant to personal hygiene have been integrated in this room. Bravat’s assembled bathroom utensils, integrated SMC plate and ceiling, as well as dry zoning come together to form a high degree of integration.

Feature 2: Better Sleep and More Entertainment

In addition to a workbench, an additional relaxation space which occupies 9.6 square meters can also function as a reading area with the use of bay windows or steps. If you have company over, there’s plenty of space for beanbag sofas to guarantee a great time! An LED bedside lamp and projection at the face of your bed are elaborately designed for you in the tatami sleeping area, thus easily allowing you to make use of your sleeping area as an entertainment center as well.

Feature 3: Multifunctional Porch Area

A simple insulating layer is can be used to convert the entryway into a cloakroom, including a hidden washing machine and a shoe cabinet for you to change your clothes, shoes and to wash them immediately as you enter the room. Besides, other storage areas for hanging and folding clothes and storing travel bags are also designed bearing in mind the storage needs of single young people……

Feature 4: Open and Simple Cabinet

The more casual and “laid back” eating habits of young people today showcases the point that in modern single apartments, the kitchen is no longer the focal point. Therefore, we have weakened some professional functions in the kitchen and used open cabinets to streamline and simplify the sorting of kitchenware.