Elf.wish - Intelligence Toilet (C21260W-P-07)


Intelligence Toilet and Seats

· 689*408*464mm
· Flushing Volume: 4.5L
· Rough-in: P-trap 170-300mm
· 600mm Toliet Hose x 1pcs
· Jet Siphoinc
· Pressure: 0.15MPa-0.75MPa
· Rated Voltage:AC 220-240V/50Hz,50HZ
· Power Ratings: 650W
· Waterproofing Level: IPX4
Voltage:AC 220-240V/50Hz

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Product Highlights

Upgrading Functions:
Defecation Clean
Cold and warm massage
Menstrual clean
Children clean

Other Functions:
Adjustable pitch-row
Foot induction flush
Auto open/close lid
Aromatherapy purification
Instant heating(Rear wash + bidet wash)
Heated seat
Air drying
Remote control
Night light
Back and forth massage
Constant temperature water
One touch
Power off flush
Flush before drying
Off seat flush

Water Mark Certificate

WELS 1 Star - 5.4L

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